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Passiv partners with SP Energy Networks to deliver an innovation project for flexible smart energy networks

The Network Innovation Competition project will develop smart energy markets in the distribution network, saving consumers in excess of £200m by 2050 and more than 3m tonnes of carbon


Passiv is collaborating in a multi-partner project, called FUSION, to develop and trial an innovative solution to manage a flexible smart energy network. SP Energy Networks is leading the five-year, £6m Network Innovation Competition research and development project.


Passiv’s role in the project will be to deliver and demonstrate demand side response (DSR) by assessing flexibility in the domestic energy market. It will also consult on the development of a Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) and the preparations an aggregator would need to take for full adoption.


“We are on a mission to make energy systems more efficient for our business partners and their customers,” commented Colin Calder, chief executive of Passiv. “Our participation in FUSION reinforces our aims and demonstrates the credibility of our technology platforms. We are looking forward to working with our partners to deliver the foundation for tomorrow’s energy networks.”


To enable an active and smart network, FUSION will develop and trial an intelligent competitive marketplace where energy flexibility and demand-side response can be bought and sold, reducing the need for network reinforcement, enabling customer choice and saving customer money. This marketplace will be based on the Universal Smart Energy Framework, USEF, an innovative model for managing network flexibility.


The energy network is fundamentally changing; energy that was produced centrally in thermal power stations and transmitted across the country is moving towards a system where energy generation and demand happens at a local scale. This results in greater impact on the distribution network, and means that the local network needs to adapt to enable flexible smart energy flows. FUSION will develop a market framework to unlock the value of flexible energy at the local scale for all market actors.


As we transition to a DSO, flexibility will be a key component of how we actively manage our network. FUSION is designed to accelerate this process.


As well as Passiv, SP Energy Networks project partners include DNV GL, Origami Energy, Imperial College London, SAC Consulting, The University of St Andrews, Fife Council and Bright Green Hydrogen to deliver FUSION.