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Passiv maintains its number one position in the global residential solar PV asset management rankings for second year running

UK’s largest infrastructure investors and pension funds back Passiv’s portfolios


Newbury-based Passiv has, for the second year running, received recognition as the UK’s number one residential solar PV asset management company, following the publication of a comprehensive global analyst report.


Released last month by Wood Mackenzie, a global research and consulting group, the annual report provides information about major international asset management and O&M companies in the solar PV residential market and ranks them according to market share and generation capacity.


With more than 40 residential solar PV, asset-backed portfolios currently under management in the UK, each varying in size from a few hundred systems to over 10,000, Passiv has reaffirmed its position as the preferred choice for residential solar PV asset managers.


“Our extensive portfolio is backed by some of the UK’s most prominent infrastructure investors and pension funds,” commented Colin Calder, chief executive of Passiv. He continued: “We’re seeing a steady conversion of existing portfolios migrating to our ‘PassivPro’ platform because of the operational efficiencies it offers. We have more residential PV generation capacity and the largest customer base than anyone else. This competitive advantage enables us to deliver the highest possible value to our investors by providing higher operating margins and greater capital asset valuations.”


Gregor Wightman, Property & Private Sector Housing Manager, Stirling Council, commented: “As a result of using Passiv’s platform we’re probably getting an additional 5% out of our whole portfolio. That’s a financial benefit on top of the cost savings we get from automating the meter reading and streamlining the FIT process.”


Calder continued: “We take over two million meter readings every day from our managed solar PV systems which are then fed into our energy management platform. We can quickly identify assets that may be underperforming and take immediate remedial action by directing our O&M contractors to investigate and fix any problems which cannot be solved without a site visit. This approach ensures our solar PV assets are working efficiently and that our investors are constantly achieving maximum returns on their investments.”


Equity release


According to Ofgem, the UK has over 800,000 registered residential solar PV systems. Around 25% of these are funded solar systems whereby homeowners have agreed to rent out their roofs for up to 25 years. Passiv’s energy management software also allows businesses in the solar buyback industry to offer attractive financial arrangements to home owners wishing to unlock tax-free lump sums and benefit from early equity release in their rooftop solar PV systems.


Passiv is a leading provider of domestic solar PV asset management services and its technology has been selected by leading infrastructure investors and pension funds.