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PassivLiving smart controls get smarter with Amazon Alexa

PassivLiving smart controls get smarter with Amazon Alexa


PassivLiving smart heating controls can now be activated with Amazon Alexa using simple voice commands. Passiv have developed the capability for Alexa to make controlling your home temperature and hot water even easier.


Alexa is a cloud-based voice service from Amazon that is available via devices such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.


Alexa can be easily connected to your PassivLiving thermostat by enabling the PassivLiving skill in the Amazon Alexa skill store, and then asking Alexa to discover your PassivLiving devices. You can then start turning your heating on and off or asking for the temperature to be altered. If you have PassivLiving Scheduled Hot Water then you can also control the hot water boost by asking Alexa to turn the hot water on or off.


No longer will you need to go over to your thermostat or find your phone. All you need to do is talk to Alexa using the voice commands detailed below.


Alexa Voice commands:

“Alexa, turn on Thermostat

“Alexa, turn off Thermostat

“Alexa, set Thermostat to “…” degrees (e.g. 20 degrees)

“Alexa, increase Thermostat by “…” degrees

“Alexa, decrease Thermostat by “…” degrees

“Alexa, turn on Hot Water”

“Alexa, turn off Hot Water”


Colin Calder, CEO of Passiv, says “Adding voice control to our award winning smart thermostat PassivLiving is a very exciting addition to our market leading product. ​


This makes adjusting your thermostat completely effortless. Our customers can simply talk to Alexa ​to ​set the ideal temperature or heat their water.​ Not only does PassivLiving ​technology allow customers to save energy and control their heating remotely, they can now do so purely by speaking.”


There are more Skills coming

Passiv are working on new commands for Alexa, as well as questions you can ask, allowing even more smart interaction with your heating and hot water.


Connecting the Amazon Alexa Device to your PassivLiving thermostat