State-of-the-art pre-payment solution

Our platforms support fast and reliable pre-payment services that are available at any time on any device. The pre-payment solution uses a flexible, cloud-based architecture with the ‘business logic’ implemented in software rather than a network of remote hardware devices. Our approach enables us to tailor the solution to your specific business needs and policies as these evolve, and hold customer details securely in the CRM/billing platform – where they should be.


Control revenues

Fast and reliable service available on any device

Customise to meet your needs

Software configurable to meet your exact business needs

Best consumer experience

More reliable and with a better user experience than traditional pre-payment solutions

Service Features

0 MWh

Total generation monitored to date


Carbon tonnes equivalent saved by our customers to date


Connected Meters

* Carbon tonne saving calculation is based on the June 2015 recommended conversion factors provided by Defra as part of its Environmental Reporting Guidelines

This service is available as part of the following solutions

District Heating

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