Network Load Management

Manage network loads for superior energy efficiency

By optimising energy consumption across a network, you lower energy usage, reduce running and system repair costs and achieve better energy efficiency.

We link smart heating controls to our platform-level aggregated demand management tool. By actively managing demand peaks we flatten the demand profile, to provide a range of proven efficiency wins, achieving over 15% less carbon emissions by lowering the network flow rate and reducing pumping energy.

Reduce pumping energy by 70%

Demand shifting to lower peak network flow rates

Increase CHP utilisation by 35%

Lowering demand peaks, return temperatures and smoothing the heat demand profile increases the portion of demand covered by CHP

10% less energy

Better control at the end points reduces total energy demand on the network

Service Features

806,512 MWh

Total generation monitored to date


Carbon tonnes equivalent saved by our customers to date


Connected Meters

* Carbon tonne saving calculation is based on the June 2015 recommended conversion factors provided by Defra as part of its Environmental Reporting Guidelines

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District Heating

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