Document & Workflow Management

Manage and store documents for efficient asset tracking and compliance

Our automated document services significantly reduce time spent administering paperwork associated with your customers’ assets, while making it easier to comply with relevant legislation. You can upload documents from your installers’ workflow systems and store them for the life of the asset, configure documents with your own searchable tags and use the audit history to verify that processes are followed. Built-in checks ensure that data is correctly entered, while support for APIs enable integration with other systems and workflows.

Less admin

Significantly reduce time spent on paperwork

Audit trails

Ensure processes are properly followed

Share information

Built-in APIs enable integration with other systems and software

Service Features

806,512 MWh

Total generation monitored to date


Carbon tonnes equivalent saved by our customers to date


Connected Meters

* Carbon tonne saving calculation is based on the June 2015 recommended conversion factors provided by Defra as part of its Environmental Reporting Guidelines

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Solar PV

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