Analytics & Reporting

Informative systems empower your business through data

We provide an easy-to-read dashboard view of your portfolio performance that is informed by constant monitoring across all of your assets. Customisable reports allow you to quickly and efficiently tailor information for a variety of needs, including advanced performance reporting that can compensate for weather, searching and grouping. Support for dynamic reporting includes the ability to set alerts and outage notifications for system failures.

Customisable reports

Quickly and efficiently tailor information to meet your needs

Advanced reporting

Compensate for weather conditions, search and group assets

Dynamic notifications

Set alerts for outages, compare assets with peer group results

Service Features

806,512 MWh

Total generation monitored to date


Carbon tonnes equivalent saved by our customers to date


Connected Meters

* Carbon tonne saving calculation is based on the June 2015 recommended conversion factors provided by Defra as part of its Environmental Reporting Guidelines

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Solar PV

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